Letter ‘O’

by Ratu Jullie | May 10, 2015 | Celoteh | 0 comments

Few days ago, I was about continuing my novelette. Panicked, I lost approximately 200 last typed words. This is fiction writing. Yes, I remembered how the story goes, but not the exact words. Not the exact sentences. It means I have to create them all over again. I doubted. Using other words to get the same meaning in sentences quite easy thing to do, but the feeling might be different, as the words changed. I paused for a while, thinking. May be I saved them in other folders (Impossible, though).
Confirmed, the sentences simply gone. 200 words were deleted by this – always in rush – writer mommy, herself. May be I was in hurry so I didn’t save them. May be it was when I sorted new sentences to check my daily targeted words count, push the enter button (means: deleted them first, then saved). Shut the computer down in a rush. It was my turn to fetch my son from kindergarten.
So there it was, few days ago. I starred at my laptop. Still couldn’t believe that I did something stupid. Half-conscious, without any intention to be responded, I murmured.
“Oh Mahija, I lost my writing”, I murmured, half whispered.
Mahija, my 4,5 years old son, approached. “What happened, Ibu?”
Surprised that he heard, I told him once again, clearly. “Some of my writings are gone”
He gently said to me with sympathy voice, “What a pity, Ibu,” He paused. “Just write again, Bu”
I smiled. I looked at him closely. He seemed like thinking, seemed like trying to help.
“Do you remember the words, Bu? Was there letter ‘O’ in them?”
I laughed out loud… Sure, there were O, A, I, E, U all over the sentences.
I relieved. He is my little savior, my reason to simply go on.
I lost words for my fiction, but gained his affectionate real words in return.
I wrote again, doubtless.
(Ibu=Mommy, Bu=Mom)

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